About Us

Hi! We are Ashley and Elle, the owners of Vella Kids Boutique. Ashley founded Vella Kids as a way to bring fashionable, high quality products to customers in a market that desperately needed more options. Elle joined Ashley as a partner in 2021.
Our goal is to make shopping easy for all you busy moms, which is why we even have a kid's table in our store! Let your kiddos color and play, while you shop.
You can trust in the quality of our products and find what you need all in one place. If we don't have what you are looking for, please contact us and let us know what you want to see in the future. We are always interested in the feedback of our customers and strive to improve your overall shopping experience. You have a busy enough life, so let us help you make shopping for your little ones easy.
Now, to tell you a little about ourselves:

Ashley is a mom of a 4 year old boy (Mason) and a 2 year old girl (Addison). Elle is a mom of a 2 year old girl (Parker) and a newborn baby girl (Payton). Everything we do is for these little kids, including running Vella Kids. We left our jobs in the legal field to have more flexibility to be with our kiddos.

Ashley previously had a career as an attorney practicing family law. Having a career as an attorney and a busy self-employed spouse meant two parents who worked too many hours. She loved her career; however, hated that her child was the first one dropped off at daycare and the last one picked up. She hated that she had a lot of guilt at work when she needed to be gone to care for her child. She left her job to begin life as an entrepreneur. 
Elle was also an attorney practicing family law and experienced some of the same struggles as Ashley. She called Ashley one day for advice about leaving her career as an attorney, knowing Ashley made the same decision a year prior. After a night of conversation and a glass (or two) of wine, she quickly decided to take the leap and join Ashley at Vella Kids. She became a partner and together, Ashley and Elle opened the first location! 

Opening Vella Kids Boutique has allowed Ashley and Elle to have a work-life balance (or as close to this as possible) and provide you with high quality children's clothing and accessories! Thank you so much for shopping with Vella Kids! 

-Ashley & Elle