About Us

Hi! Welcome to Vella Kids Boutique. I am Ashley, the founder of Vella Kids Boutique. I founded Vella Kids Boutique as a way to bring fashionable, high quality products to customers. We have products for babies and kids. My goal is to make shopping easy for all you busy moms. You can trust in the quality of our products and find what you need all in one place. If we don't have what you are looking for, please contact us and let us know what you want to see in the future. We are always interested in the feedback of our customers and strive to improve your overall shopping experience. You have a busy enough life. Let us help you make shopping for your little ones easy.
Now, to tell you a little about myself. I am a mom of a wild, smart, and sassy little boy. People aren't kidding when they say boys are wild. I had a little girl in March 2021. We are hoping she lets her brother be king of the wild and is instead a calm child. I know, it is wishful thinking. I have a husband who is the best partner in life. I would say more, but in the event he reads this, I don't need to give him something to hold against me in the future.
I previously had a career as an attorney practicing family law. Having a career as an attorney and a busy self-employed spouse meant two parents who worked too many hours. I loved my career; however, I hated that my child was the first one dropped off at daycare and the last one picked up. I hated that I had a lot of guilt at work when I needed to be gone more than I wanted to care for my child. I had a lot of mom guilt and struggled to maintain a work-life balance. I decided to make a change. I left my job to begin my life as an entrepreneur. Yes, this means just as many hours, if not more, but now I can pick my hours and work more when my little one is sleeping. Fortunately, my husband was supportive and encouraged me to make the change. So far, it has been a great change for me and my family.

Opening Vella Kids Boutique allowed me to have work-life balance (or as close to this as possible) and I get to provide you with my favorite brands of children's clothing and accessories! Thank you so much for shopping with us. We appreciate you.